Wonho Makes Reference To MONSTA X In New Video

They have an unbreakable bond!

Soloist and former MONSTA X member Wonho made reference to the group in a new video recently.


From left: Shownu, Joohoney, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, and I.M. | Starship Entertainment

In a recently uploaded video to UNIVERSE app, Wonho was preparing a meal. He began with a salad…

| UNIVERSE! via @mxloops/Twitter

His first ingredient may have been a surprise to some since he began to prepare salad first with cucumbers. He confessed that he himself is a cucumber-lover.

First of all, the cucumber. I love cucumber so much…

— Wonho

| UNIVERSE via @mxloops/Twitter

Yet, he acknowledged that a considerable number of people don’t enjoy cucumbers…

But there are so many haters these days.

— Wonho

| UNIVERSE via @mxloops/Twitter

Wonho said that he didn’t really realize just how many people dislike cucumbers until he debuted. It was then that he met people with differences.

I only knew that there were haters of cucumber after I made a debut.

— Wonho

| UNIVERSE via @mxloops/Twitter

He confessed that he couldn’t understand why anyone could hate cucumbers. Nevertheless, he respects those with different preferences!

I’m not sure why they would hate cucumber, but I respect them. All the preferences should be valued.

— Wonho

| UNIVERSE via @mxloops/Twitter

By “debut,” Wonho meant when he first debuted with MONSTA X.

| Star1

This is, of course, also because there’s a famous “cucumber-hater” among the group: Minhyuk!

Minhyuk | Starship Entertainment

So, when Wonho spoke of those who dislike cucumbers, this is exactly who he had in mind as Minhyuk is notorious for hating this vegetable. In an interview, Minhyuk even jokingly said, “If you like cucumber, I hate you.” 

While some may assume Wonho “is done with MONSTA X” as he may not be an official member currently, the boys have an unbreakable bond. It’s only natural they would mention each other.

Watch the full clip below:

Source: @mxloops and UNIVERSE