Wonho Revealed His Reason For Opening His Own YouTube Channel

Fans are truly touched

During his interview with Dazed Korea shoot on December 23, Wonho was interviewed and asked various questions.

Wonho was asked about his YouTube channel, “ohhoho,” which he recently opened on October 1. The question asked why he chose to open a YouTube channel in the first place.

| ohhoho/YouTube

Wonho shared his reasoning and how he is still figuring out what kind of content to produce:

The YouTube channel is not a full-time job, and it cannot be seen as a channel with a clear identity. I produce videos without being constrained by my schedule in my daily life. In fact, I’m focusing on what fans say they want to see through me. When I’m not active for a long time or when the fans are free, I thought that they would want to see my daily life, so I started making video content.

— Wonho

Clearly, Wonho merely wants to connect with his fans more. He expressed his desire to build a closer relationship with his fans and shared another method he is trying besides YouTube:

Japanese is the first foreign language I studied, and I have been active in Japan a lot. So I started studying Japanese first and expanded my scope to English. Even if I can’t speak freely, I started studying English because I wanted to be able to listen, read and understand the meaning.

— Wonho

Fans are touched and thrilled to know that Wonho is trying several tactics to communicate with his fans. Fans can hear more of his Dazed Korea interview through the January 2021 issue of the Dazed Korea magazine.

Source: Naver