Wonho Finally Revealed Who Takes His “Candid” Instagram Pictures

The secret is out!

Former MONSTA X member and solo superstar Wonho has gained a reputation not just for his music but also for his social media presence. His sexy photos on Instagram, in particular, have garnered attention from his fans, WENEE, and even non-K-Pop stans as well.

Fans have been curious about how Wonho’s photos are shot, considering their intimacy. Some have theorized that there was a possibility that Wonho captures the photos himself by holding his phone with one of his feet, especially since one tends to be cut off from the shots. 

One fan was bold enough to ask Wonho about the photos’ process during a recent live broadcast. Initially, he replied, “Instagram? I shoot it myself.” He added that, sometimes, his staff, manager, or dancers assist in taking the photos. He soon realized that the fan was asking about some specific photos, the ones of him lying in bed. 

Ah, those on bed? I set up a tripod and shoot it. I have the preview on my Apple watch, then the tripod has a remote control to control shooting on my phone.

— Wonho


The theory that he takes his own photos was technically correct! He does, however, require additional assistance from modern technology.

Source: @iwonhoyou, @wonho191031 and 원호 (WONHO)