Wonho Reveals That He Was So Stressed He Got Sick And Lost His Voice— Here’s Why

Wonho revealed the difficulties he faced in releasing his album, and how they affected his health.

During his newest episode of DJ Wonho’s Special Radio with guest Enan, a main producer for Love Synonym #2: Right For Us, Wonho revealed the difficulties he faced while preparing for the album.

| ohhoho 오호호/YouTube

Wonho revealed that Love Synonym was originally meant to be a full length album, but couldn’t be released as such because of the tight schedule and immense amount of work that fell on only him and Enan. Because of the huge amount of stress, he began to get sick.

I started getting very stressed out, and my stomach started hurting, and my vocal cords were damaged. Then, I ended up with vocal cord nodules. After that, I had acid reflux.

— Wonho

Because of that, the album had to be released as a mini album. Enan shared that he saw how hard Wonho was working, and grew worried about his condition.

Wonho shared that he grew extremely frustrated at himself when he lost his voice during such an important time, and blamed himself for everything.

I blamed myself for everything and I was so upset I was actually yelling and screaming inside the booth during the recording session. I was just that stressed out about everything.

— Wonho

Enan and Wonho | ohhoho 오호호/YouTube

Thankfully Enan was there to guide him through it, and Wonho expressed how grateful he was for Enan’s kindness and patience, and the many contributions he made for his album. Watch the full episode below:

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