Wonho Unveils His First Official Light Stick For Wenee Day And It Is Absolutely Beautiful

It shines almost as brightly as him!

On June 29, Highline Entertainment revealed Wonho‘s first official light stick as part of the celebrations for Wenee Day.

The design itself consists of a white base with Wonho’s logo engraved on the side, which leads up into sparkling hexagons forming a six-pointed star in the center.

In addition to the company’s official announcement, Wonho himself had a Wenee Day livestream to thank his fans for their support as well as show off the light stick in person.

Wonho holding up the official packaging | Wonho/VLIVE

Wonho went into detail about how the color effects work, pointing out to viewers that “If you touch it for four seconds, the whole thing gets lit up. It blinks, and then it changes colors!”

The four different light stick colors | Wonho/VLIVE

While it’s temporarily being called the “Weneebong” by fans and even Wonho himself, he explained that the light stick will eventually receive an official name with his and Wenee’s combined efforts in the future.

| @official__wonho/Twitter 

What do you think of the design?