Wonho Wants Fans To Choreograph A Dance For Him

To all the dancers out there, this event is for you!

In an announcement via his official Twitter, Wonho shared a unique video event for fans!

| @official__wonho/Twitter

This video event is for his upcoming live-stream concert, #WENEEDLOVE, scheduled for March 28.

According to the guidelines, he is asking fans to send in footage of them dancing to songs from either of his two albums. As long as the video is under a minute long, fans are welcome to dance to as many songs as they want. During the live-stream, Wonho will then choose submissions and follow the same choreography!

| WONHO/YouTube

It’s a super creative way to have fans participate in the concert in a more hands-on manner, which is hard to achieve when most events are online. For fans who are interested in participating in the event, you can check out the guidelines below!

| @official__wonho/Twitter
Source: Twitter


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