Wonho Gifts His Fans A Touching New Video For His Birthday

This simple yet beautiful video matches the emotional song perfectly.

On his birthday on March 1, Wonho didn’t just receive gifts from his loving fans–he also gave them one.

| @official__wonho/Twitter

As his birthday gift to his fans, he released a special clip for “WENEED,” a track off his new album. What makes “WENEED” special is that it’s a song specifically dedicated to his fans: “WENEED” refers to his fandom name WENEE, which means “We Are New Ending.”

| V Live

This special clip, which features him driving in a car and singing along to the song with a beautiful purple sunset backdrop, was shared via his personal YouTube channel. The simple yet pretty video matches the emotional song perfectly.

| ohhoho 오호호/YouTube

Wonho is known for how much he loves his fans and “WENEED” is only one of many ways he has shown his love! You can watch the touching video below.