Wonho Talks About His Definition Of What Love Is With 1st Look

Wonho is back with a solo debut album!

Wonho completed a successful photoshoot and interview with 1st Look and spoke about his first solo album release, Love Synonym #1 : Right For Me.

Wonho began to speak about the difficulties he faced as a solo artist instead of being in a group and said, “I’m on stage alone with a solo album. I felt a lot of pressure at first when I thought about having to be responsible for everything from start to finish.”

Wonho explained that he wanted to call his solo debut album, Love Synonym #1 : Right For Me, because he thinks love can be defined differently for everyone.

Everyone has a different definition of love.

– Wonho 

He explained his love is defined by his fans and his ability to communicate with people worldwide through his music. Only what a true artist would say, right? Wonho also added that he wants his fans to find their own definition of what love is to them while listening to his album.

Wonho wrapped up the interview by expressing his hopes of improving and growing into a person that resembles water because water can easily change depending on its surroundings. His thoughtful and poetic statements moved his fans deeply.

Thank you for waiting a long time. My happy smile is a present.

– Wonho

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