WOODZ Releases Video And Announces Fandom Colors For MOODZ’ Anniversary

The music video is adorable.

As a gift for the first anniversary of his fandom, WOODZ (also known as Cho Seungyeon) announced his official fandom colors and released a special music video!

| @c_woodzofficial/Twitter

His fandom, MOODZ, was named on May 5, 2020.

| @c_woodzofficial/Twitter

So for this year’s “MOODZ Day,” WOODZ released two different gifts for his fans!

The first is the official fandom colors: orange (Pantone 1505C) and blue (Pantone 2736C).

The second was a special music video for his song “Thanks To,” which included the cutest clips of him pre-debut and while he was in UNIQ!

He also held a special live broadcast to chat with MOODZ on their birthday.

You can watch his “Thanks to” special music video below!

Source: YouTube