Wooga Squad’s Park Hyung Sik Is Gaining Attention For His Behavior With BTS’s V At The “Concrete Utopia” Premiere

The new clips show how much the members care for maknae V!

The Wooga Squad is one of the most-known friendship groups with some of the hottest stars. Recently, the friendship between BTS‘s V and Park Hyung Sik has gained attention after attending an event together.

For years, V and Park Hyung Sik have always had a close bond, and netizens have loved seeing them interacting from the times they were filming Hwarang together to now.

The cast of Hwarang | @w2798ccc/ Instagram
Park Hyung Sik (left) and V (right) | @phs1116/ Instagram
| @phs1116/ Instagram

On August 8, both V and Park Hyung Sik attended the VIP premiere of the film Concrete Utopia, starring fellow Wooga Squad member Park Seo Joon.

After the premiere, it wasn’t surprising that more clips and photos have been released of the two besties together.

Two photos of the two together and chatting gained attention. V and Park Hyung Sik also showed off their visuals and friendship as they were seemingly deep in conversation.

There was even a clip of the two being seen entering the actual cinema together after the photos were taken.

In particular, one clip that recently gained attention shows just how much the Wooga Squad cares for V as their youngest member.

The video was taken as those attending entered the cinema, and it wasn’t surprising that V and Park Hyung Sik were together. Walking to their seats, V seemed confused about the layout, but Park Hyung Sik was there to try and figure out what was happening.

After some confusion, Park Hyung Sik seemingly worked out the seats and took a seat that assumingly would’ve helped those he was with to find their own places.

When the video was released, fans couldn’t get over how Hyung Sik was taking care of V during the event.

As always, the Wooga Squad makes sure to take care of V, and the friendship between the stars definitely makes netizens soft.

You can read more about the event below.

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