Woohyun Confesses Hoya Has Been Ignoring Him Since Leaving INFINITE

INFINITE‘s past member, Hoya decided to not renew his contract with INFINITE following talks with his agency on August 27, 2017.

It has been nearly five months since his official departure and now INFINITE is gearing up for a comeback for the first time without Hoya. During their comeback showcase for their new album “Top Seed,” the remaining group members performed their new songs and talked about Hoya’s departure.

Dongwoo talked about how sudden the news was to him and how he managed through it and how he reacted the first time.

“I first heard about Hoya’s departure when I was at Sunggyu hyung’s house.

As soon as I heard the news, I cried for an hour while I was on the phone with Hoya.

All the members have different thoughts and aspirations and I respect his decision. Everyone has a path they want to choose.

Now that we’re 6 members, I feel like we’ve been through lots of hardships recently. All these emotions are included in our new upcoming album’s [songs].”

— Dongwoo

Woohyun also chimed in to share his thoughts regarding Hoya’s departure and said that he wished to talk to him.


“It’s been awhile since I’ve talked with Hoya. I heard that Hoya’s phone number changed but he did not tell me personally.

Sunggyu says he called him recently so I felt kind of sad that I didn’t know his number.

We both promised to have a drink together sometime back but those plans fell through.

It was New Years and I still haven’t heard a word so I really wish he would call me.

My phone number is still the same.”

— Woohyun

INFINITE will finally comeback after a long time even though it’s their first time doing so as six members.

The members offered their honest thoughts regarding Hoya’s departure and assured fans with their confidence in their new album.

Watch the members talk about Hoya during their showcase, below. 

Source: Chosun Ilbo and Seoul Kyungjae