Woollim Entertainment Announces Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

“We do not plan on being lenient.”

In the world of K-Pop, entertainment agencies are most often battling haters and their malicious comments spreading rumors all over the internet. And as do most agencies, Woollim Entertainment has chosen to take legal action against such “malicious commenters” for defaming its managing artists like INFINITE, Lovelyz, and Golden Child.


On June 26, 2019, Woollim Entertainment shared, “We are now pursuing legal action for 41 cases of malicious comments posted about our managing artists.” The agency announced that the persons who left such malicious comments have been identified and are currently facing investigations.


The agency looked forward to penalize the “haters” for posting malicious comments.

Once their identities are confirmed, we will proceed to have them penalized for their wrongdoings. Not only are we trying these commenters for criminal offense, but we are looking to try them for their civil offenses as well.

— Woollim Entertainment


In an official statement that updated the fans about these lawsuits, Woollim Entertainment promised to continue protecting their managing artists from such malicious comments and asked that the fans show support for the agency’s decision.

We will continue to protect our artists from malicious comments by monitoring the comments and collecting evidence. We also do not plan on being lenient with the haters and will have them penalized to the law’s full extent.

— Woollim Entertainment


With the “hate commenting” culture so rampant in the industry, fans and netizens alike are rooting for Woollim Entertainment’s decision to take a hard stance against such commenters.

Yes! I support this so much.

— Netizen

I wish my bias’s agency would do this too…

— Netizen

Woollim Hwaiting! I love this.

— Netizen

Source: Dispatch