Woollim Entertainment claims rampant speculations on Jisoo’s alleged past are unfounded

Ahead of Lovelyz‘s upcoming debut, Woollim Entertainment responds to more malicious speculations concerning Lovelyz member JisooOn November 11th, Woollim Entertainment released a comment responding to speculations concerning Jisoo’s past history, attitude and sexuality. They have also emphasized their previous stance that they will be taking legal action for those responsible.

Recently, unconfirmed rumours about Jisoo quickly spread on various online communities, claiming that Jisoo had sexual interactions with other females in the past, along with alleged naked photos. The person who circulated these rumours also claimed to have captured photos of Jisoo’s chats with her friends.

Woollim Entertainment previously stated that they will be not be entertaining such speculations as they are preparing to launch an informal investigation. They have also denied allegations made against Jisoo’s past and sexuality, stating that such rumours are unfounded. It was also mentioned that the person responsible might have been an acquaintance of Jisoo in the past and is making up these false accusations online.

Meanwhile, Jisoo joins Lovelyz as they prepare for their upcoming debut with the release of their track and showcase on November 17th.

Source: SportsChosun