Woollim Entertainment Confirms INFINITE Will Not Disband Even With L’s Departure

They will still promote.

Hours after L confirmed he would be leaving INFINITE and Woollim Entertainment, his former agency confirmed the news themselves, wished him well, and confirmed INFINITE would still remain together.

INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) Leaves Woollim Entertainment

In their statement, Woollim showed full professionalism in releasing their artist.

Hello, this is Woollim Entertainment.

First, we would like to thank the fans for cherishing and loving INFINITE.

INFINITE member L, who has been with us for the past 9 years, announced that he will ended his exclusive contract with us on August 18, 2019.

Recently, we had a long, in-depth conversation with L about the expiration of his exclusive contract and after those discussions, he decided not to re-sign.

L worked as hard as anyone during his promotions with INFINITE. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to L, who has been with us for the past 9 years, from 2010 until now.

We would like to ask everyone to continue to show their unwavering love and support for L in the future.

Also, we have not considered the disbandment of INFINITE at all, as the members are still determined to do group activities. Because there are members who are currently serving in the military, we will proceed with discussions about promotions in the future.

Thank you.

— Woollim Entertainment

Source: Herald Pop