Woollim Entertainment Exposed For Allegedly Mistreating Their Artist And Selling Private Information

“Managers from that company contact fansite masters and sell the idols’ schedules for money.”

A fansite master that goes by the name Spring Flowers has been demanding an explanation and an apology from Woollim Entertainment for how they have been mistreating INFINITE’s Sungjong, threatening to expose evidence to all of her claims.


Sungjong had apparently gone to Malaysia for a 3-day schedule during which he injured his leg. And according to the fansite master, Woollim had sent Sungjong to the airport alone with a limp.

“Sungjong injured his leg while recording in Malaysia for 3 days straight. He tried his best to hide this at the airport but he started limping because of the pain and caught my eye. Sending a healthy idol alone to the airport is bad enough but sending one of their artists who was limping because he fell down during a broadcast with an MC in Malaysia to the airport alone? Is this company insane?”


Moreover, she claimed that Woollim Entertainment sold private information about idols’ schedules for money.

“Friendly? Who do you think provided the opportunities for fans to get close with Sungjong? Wasn’t it Woollim Entertainment who shared private schedules for money and who made Sungjong appear at the airport without a manager? If that company and the managers took good care of him, how could I have a conversation with him? I’m so sick of Woollim Entertainment who fosters bootsoonies/sasaengs (fans who invade their idols’ personal spaces).”


According to the fan, Woollim Entertainment secretly sold their artists’ schedules to some of the fansite masters.

“For those of you Inspirits who are taking Woollim Entertainment’s side, managers from that company contact fansite masters and sell the idols’ schedules for money. It sure is a great company for their artists. They secretly sold the schedules for money to the fansite masters who often supported them, not to Inspirits, and later caused an issue. It’s really a great company.”


She even uploaded a screenshot of the transactions for proof and deleted the post soon after.

“When I sent money to this account, they told sent me their schedule. Who do you think this was?”


In conclusion, she demanded an official response from Woollim Entertainment as well as an apology for how they treated Sungjong stating that she would reveal all evidence to the claims she made if the agency lied to the Infinite fans.

“I demand an official statement from Woollim Entertainment. In addition, I want them to apologize for how all the ways they mistreated Sungjong. If they lie to Inspirits through their official statement, I’ll reveal all the evidence to the things I’ve mentioned.”


When fans became suspicious of her claims, she uploaded a video of Sungjong at the airport to prove her point.

“I’ll reveal one piece of evidence. He wanted to go see fans at his birthday event even if Woollim didn’t let him and he was scolded. This is the opening video for the birthday event that Sungjong agreed to film. I’m uploading the unedited version. This is how much he wanted to see his fans. And I was able to film this because his manager wasn’t there with him at the airport.”


After seeing the video, netizens were concerned for the idol and felt bad about how he was treated by not only his agency, but by the fansite master herself.

  • “I saw the clip and I feel so bad for him. I can’t believe he has to deal with that kind of environment.”
  • “I feel bad for Sungjong…Run away!”
  • “It’s sure is hard to make a living…Sungjong fighting…”
  • “I feel so bad for Sungjong…I can’t watch till the end f*ck.”
  • “I can’t watch the video till the end. He’s not even my bias but it’s so sad…”


Meanwhile, despite the claims of the fansite master, fans from Malaysia have been sharing images/videos of Sungjong at the airport in Malaysia looking happy and healthy with his manager/security.