Woollim Announces They’ll Be Taking Extra Measures To Protect Their Artists From Malicious Commenters

They’re standing up for their artists.

Woollim Entertainment announced that they will be taking extra measures to protect their artists from malicious commenters. The agency is home to many popular idol groups, including INFINITE, Lovelyz, Golden Child, Rocket Punch and more.

Woollim released an official statement where they announced that they had been taking legal actions against the malicious commenters who spread false rumors, sexually harass, post defaming rumors, and more about their artists.

The emphasized that they will not stop but take extra cautions to make sure that their artists are protected.

They warned all of the malicious commenters that they will not be settling with anyone and will be taking the strictest legal actions in order to protect their artists.

Read their full statement below:

Hello. This is Woollim Entertainment.

Our agency decided back in December 28 to begin taking legal actions against online commenters who spread false rumors, leave malicious comments, sexually harass, defame, or cause any other harm to our artists.

We’ve collected evidences by monitoring the web and receiving information from the fans. We took those evidences of false rumors and defamation posts to sue malicious commenters. They have been sentenced to pay a fine.

We will not stop here. We will continue to monitor and collect evidences to protect our artists to the very best of our capabilities. We will take strict legal measures whenever we find evidence of malicious posts.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that we will not be settling or taking things lightly with anyone who publishes or spreads the said posts indicated above.

— Woollim Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun