Twitter User Accuses Cha Junho Of Bullying Her, Woollim Responds

She revealed her story.

A Twitter user revealed the story of how she was bullied by Cha Junho at school and received much attention through social media and online communities.

Hello. I am the person that was bullied by Cha Junho when I was in fifth grade. First off, for those that feel these photos are fake, I will be reporting you. All this is true and our elementary school teacher knows about this too.

This screen shot reveals that she did receive an apology from him and they did not go forth with any more action from the school violence committee.

The user posted another message to give more insight into what happened with her and Cha Junho.

In regards to the post, Cha Junho and his friends were playing at the library in 2013 when he felt that me and my friends were too loud. He made a separate group chat without me and told people that he didn’t like me and to exclude me from the group. He also asked his friends to go somewhere with him and he left behind the kid that he did not like. And the friend that he left behind showed me the group chat text that I posted. I felt that this was a situation of cyber bullying and tried to use the screen shots to school violence committee but didn’t actually go through with it.

She explains that she doesn’t want to go any further with this but felt that her incident needed to be said.

I don’t want to add more fuel to the fire. After seeing my post about having a fight with Cha Junho, several fans came to my page to tell me to prove it. This pressure made me post the text and the photos. Cha always seemed to bully those that didn’t have a lot of friends or those that weren’t able to get along well with the others. While swearing and using strong words among friends can happen, the actions and words Cha used were so severe it left pain and hurt to those people.

She emphasizes that although Woollim Entertainment released a statement regarding this, she will stay true to this story and face the charges in order to get the truth out. She also posted photos of Cha’s graduation photo as well as photos of him from school to prove that what she is saying is true.

“Here is the graduation photo that you wanted me to prove. I’m not scared at all so do what you want.”

While many of Cha’s fans continue to harass her to show more proof, the user has decided to stop with her story here and feels that it’s not worth it any more to post about it as it will cause only more embarrassment for the fans.

“You all keep telling me to prove it or that I’m lying and why did I put my twitter on protect mode…think about it. I don’t plan on revealing any more information. It will only make his fans even more embarrassed and devastated.”

The user also lets fans know that she could sue them for harassing her about this incident. She will take immediate legal action for any charges that fans may put on her.

In regards to this post, Woollim Entertainment released an official statement on June 9 through their official Twitter page regarding the distribution of false information about their trainee Cha Junho.

Hello this is Woollim Entertainment. First off, we thank everyone for supporting and loving our trainee Cha Junho. We are posting this announcement due a case of spreading false information about our trainee online. We have confirmed that these non-confirmed rumors have been spreading through social media and community boards. We have confirmed with Cha Junho that these rumors are not true. Due to this, we will be taking strong legal action to protect our artists’ image from these social media and online communities. We will continue to do our best to protect our artists and trainees without any leniency for the spread of false information. Thank you to the fans for always loving and caring for our trainee. Thank you.