Woollim Entertainment releases update on Lovelyz Jisoo and her case

On November 18th, Woollim Entertainment released an official statement with an update on Jisoo‘s condition, as well as the investigation on the accusation made against her online.

After the accusations surfaced of Jisoo allegedly having committed sexual and verbal abuse, Woollim Entertainment immediately began an investigation claiming that these accusations were unfounded. On November 11th they stated, “These photos are available for anyone who was even an acquaintance of Jisoo and there is no definitive proof of victimization.”

On Jisoo’s condition they revealed she is still in the hospital after undergoing severe mental trauma. Due to these accusations, Jisoo was not able to debut with Lovelyz who are currently promoting as 7 members.

Furthermore, on November 18th, the cyber investigation department released a statement stating, “We have identified the person who appears to be the origin of the rumors. We will summon the person and confirm his/her identity.”

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Source: Asiae