Woollim Entertainment speaks up on Jisoo’s return with Lovelyz

Woollim Entertainment remains undecided on Jisoo’s possible return to Lovelyz following the closure of her case. 

In a statement to Newsen on May 8th, Woollim Entertainment confirmed that there has been no decision made with regards to Jisoo’s activity with Lovelyz. As of the moment, Jisoo remains stable as she continues treatment.

The agency puts her health and recovery as one of their priorities.

Earlier today, Woollim Entertainment released a statement confirming that the two netizens responsible for circulating false accusations against Jisoo prior to her debut have been found guilty. The two suspects were allegedly fined for the crime committed.

Due to the incident, Jisoo was unable to make her debut with Lovelyz as they made their debut promotions last year.

Source: Newsen