World-Famous DJ Zedd Creates EDM Version of BTS’s “Fake Love”

Zedd surprises fans with EDM “Fake Love” remix at Ultra Korea.

BTS‘s “Fake Love” has an official rock remix and now, thanks to Zedd, it has a mind-blowing EDM remix too.


Zedd stirred up excitement for their future BTS collaboration when they played the high-synth, clubbing version live at Korea’s Ultra Music Festival.


BTS’s official rock remix amped up “Fake Love’s” guitar track and added drums, while Zedd’s EDM remix added synth and dropped an intense, electronic breakdown after Jungkook‘s “love you so bad” lyrics.


Fans are loving the EDM remix just as much as they loved the rock remix, and have shared live recordings of it all over Twitter.


Everyone’s hoping that Zedd will release an official studio version to add to their BTS playlists.


So far, the promised collab BTS x Zedd collab has received a lot of hype but, given the success of BTS’s and Steve Aoki’s “MIC Drop” remix, fans have every reason to look forward to it.


Although the release date for the BTS x Zedd brainchild is still unconfirmed, some A.R.M.Ys now wonder if they will be hearing it sooner rather than later.

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