Worries Grow For EVERGLOW 6 Weeks After They Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Fans are calling on Yuehua Entertainment for answers about the members’ health.

Late last year, two EVERGLOW members sadly tested positive for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). Now, fans are beginning to worry about the members’ health conditions.

Back on November 27, 2020, EVERGLOW made their first ever appearance on the famous KBS2 music talk show, Yu Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

After wowing fans with their impressive vocal performances, the members all took to Twitter to share selfies and positive sentiments with fans.

Sihyeon (left) & Yiren (right), posted November 27 | @EVERGLOW_twt/Twitter

Little did Forevers know that November 27 would be the last time they’d hear from EVERGLOW in a while. On December 1, Yuehua Entertainment confirmed that Yiren and Sihyeon had both contracted the virus too.

Yiren (left) & Sihyeon (right) | @EVERGLOW_staff/Twitter

According to the company’s statement, maknae Yiren was infected with COVID-19 after coming into contact with an acquaintance who caught the virus.

Yiren | @EVERGLOW_twt/Twitter

Since the group lives together in one dorm, the rest of the members were also tested for COVID-19. While most of them received negative results, lead vocalist Sihyeon also tested positive.

Sihyeon | @EVERGLOW_twt/Twitter

As such, Yuehua Entertainment informed fans that all the members would be self-quarantining for two weeks according to government guidelines.

| @official_everglow/Instagram

We will actively cooperate with the government’s policies to conduct sanitation measures in the entire company and minimize risk of transmission and further infection, and we will do our best to continually manage our artists.

— Yuehua Entertainment

Judging by the company’s statement, EVERGLOW’s quarantine period should’ve lasted until December 15. When the date came, Forevers expected the members to start interacting on social media again and resume their public activities. However, the group remained silent across Twitter, Instagram, and even their fan-café.

| @official_everglow/Instagram

In early April last year, EVERGLOW underwent a similar situation after two members of staff at Yuehua Entertainment contracted COVID-19. Though the members were all safe, the group was put into a mandatory two-week quarantine period, cancelling their upcoming schedules.

| @official_everglow/Instagram

In reality, the members were missing from social media for around three weeks, finally resuming Twitter posts in late April. With that in mind, fans were prepared for EVERGLOW’s quarantine period to last three to four weeks following their November test results too.

| @official_everglow/Instagram

But almost six weeks have now passed since Yiren and Sihyeon were confirmed to have contracted the virus, and Yuehua Entertainment is yet to provide any updates on the group’s condition. Unsurprisingly, the radio silence has many worried. On Twitter, fans started the hashtag #YueHuaHowIsEVERGLOW, calling on the company to provide them with an update on the members’ whereabouts and current health status.

After UP10TION’s Bitto and Kogyeol were both hospitalized for their COVID-19 symptoms, many Forevers are concerned that Yiren and Sihyeon may not have recovered yet. There are also worries that other members may have contracted the virus too, since it’s unclear whether the group remained living together during their quarantine period.

Despite pleas from fans, Yuehua Entertainment is yet to make any statement about EVERGLOW this year. Other idols who tested positive after EVERGLOW, such as Golden Child‘s Jaehyun (who tested positive on December 17), have already returned to activities.

| @official_everglow/Instagram

Thankfully, Forevers did managed to secure a small update without the agency’s help. One fan took to Instagram to ask leader E:U‘s sister if the group is okay, to which her sister replied “Sure thing“. For now, EVERGLOW’s fans are relying on the statement for comfort while they wait for official news.