Wrestling Fans Accidentally Buy TXT Concert Tickets

What a happy accident!

Many MOAs are excitedly attending TXT‘s 2023 world tour Act: Sweet Mirage.

Yet, some non-fans accidentally attended one of the recent concerts.

Linda (@1indaqin on TikTok) shared that she met a couple on her way to see TXT in concert in Belmont Park. The couple was dressed up for the event, but not in the way you would expect. Instead, they were wearing wrestling merchandise.

The couple explained that they had bought tickets for TXT, mistaking it for a wrestling event. They didn’t realize it was a K-Pop concert until it was too late.


met a couple that got tix to a kpop concert thinking it was a wrestling match – props to them for checking it out anyways, hope they enjoyed it #tomorrow_x_together #kpop #kpopconcert #act_sweet_mirage #txt #txttour

♬ original sound – Linda is making a game

Linda: So, we’re on the way to the TXT concert and we met these people who thought that they were going to wrestling…

Man: Yeah, I wore this shirt for no reason…

Linda: Because it’s T and then X and T.

Woman: I was like, “I have a feeling we’re not going to wrestling,” and it was K-Pop!

Man: We’re like, “Come on. We gotta go.” We hopped on the subway. She’s like looking at the tickets. I’m like, “What?” I don’t know. It’s not wrestling…

The wrestling fans likely were confused as NXT is “a brand of the American professional wrestling promotion WWE that was introduced on February 23, 2010.”

The TikTok went viral with 656.4K views and 172.5K likes at the time of writing. The mix-up amused netizens. Besides being curious about how much the wrestling fans spent on their concert tickets, they hoped they still went and became MOAs.

| @1indaqin/TikTok

Linda provided an update, sharing a text exchange. The couple had fun and revealed their favorite songs: “Magic” and surprisingly “Cat & Dog,” although that one usually surprises locals.


Replying to @🎀 vivian 🎀 cat and dog supremacy 😤 #txt #txtconcert #actsweetmirage #catanddog #yeonjun

♬ original sound – Linda is making a game

This will certainly be a fun “gateway into K-Pop” story!

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