Writer from “Weekly Idol” receives backlash for criticizing VIXX

An unnamed writer from entertainment program Weekly Idol has received backlash for publicly criticizing VIXX on Twitter.

On November 3rd, the writer only referred to as “A” updated his or her Twitter account with a series of messages pertaining to VIXX saying, “First time seeing them in two years since their debut but I’m not actually happy.” It was the writer’s first time meeting the group again since their debut on MyDol, and the writer revealed how difficult it was to work on the reality show partly because of the members and their company.

The writer further commented, “I always find something funny with at least one member in each group as I write captions every week, as I am a huge fan of male idols. I am not lying when I say that there was none of that this week. Don’t blame the editing on this one.

Following the outbursts, fans spread captures of the updates in outrage. Since then, the writer deleted the tweets and apologized for hurting their feelings, took responsibility and is said to have resigned from the post.

Some netizens, on the other hand, defended the writer and pointed out that member Leo did appear to remain aloof on the program, with some expressing discomfort while watching it. It was mentioned that during the episode, Leo would casually ignore questions and seemed reluctant and apathetic.

MBC expressed their awareness of the controversy but has not yet decided on taking actions as a consequence of the writer’s outbursts.

Source: Chosun and ETN