[★TRENDING] Wu Yifan (Kris) responds to SM Entertainment’s legal actions

Following Luhan‘s representatives, who responded to SM Entertainment‘s latest legal actions, representatives from Wu Yifan‘s (Kris) office also stepped out to release a statement on behalf of the artist.

As Wu Yifan and Luhan’s popularities continue increasing as they take on numerous film casting positions in China, and their mediation with SM Entertainment has yet to come to an agreement, SM Entertainment released a press release on February 5th, announcing that they have filed lawsuits against companies pursuing activities allegedly against the two’s contracts with SM. Following which, SM Entertainment filed another lawsuit against Luhan and his production company on February 10th.

On February 12th, Beijing Chinese Legal representatives released a statement on the behalf of Wu Yifan and Luhan.

On February 13th, Wu Yifan’s representatives released a statement to make their stand:

Recently, Korea’s S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd released a series of statements, which resultantly led to media articles mentioning the alleged lawsuit against Luhan, but in turn also affected our artist Wu Yifan. SM Entertainment used the method of writing to the related industry agencies to interfere with Wu Yifan’s activities in the entertainment industry, bringing troubles and worries to friends and those working with Wu Yifan. Our office would like to hereby release this statement on behalf of Wu Yifan.

1. The lawsuit filed against SM Entertainment in Korea is the only lawsuit which determines whether Wu Yifan’s contract with SM Entertainment will still be in effect. The results from this lawsuit will also be the only verdict of whether or not the contract will still be in effect.

2. According to statements released by SM Entertainment, SM Entertainment allegedly filed a lawsuit against Luhan, but Wu Yifan is not involved. Wu Yifan also has not received any legal documents of SM Entertainment’s lawsuit against him.

3. According to section 6 subsection 1 of Wu Yifan’s contract with SM Entertainment, ‘While party A (SM) acts as the agent of party B (Kris), when a third party is involved in negotiating terms and contract obligations, and in discussion of signing an agreement for party B’s entertainment activities, it must not be against the intention of party B, or be an agreement that violates party B’s health or mental condition.’ Subsection 6 writes, “After receiving a written consent beforehand from party B, party A can transfer this agreement’s entire or partial rights or status to the third party.”

When Wu Yifan filed a lawsuit in Korea to nullify his contract, it clearly showed Wu Yifan’s intent that he no longer agrees with SM Entertainment’s management over his entertainment activities wherever he is, and no longer agrees that SM Entertainment commission or authorize any other third parties to exercise any rights on account of Wu Yifan’s contract. Whether or not Wu Yifan’s contract with SM Entertainment is still in effect, any third parties who are not authorized by Mr. Wu must not interfere with any individual or organization involved in aiding Wu Yifan in his entertainment career in China.

4. Till today, SM Entertainment has yet to receive the commercial performance license required to carry out performance commercial activities within the China region.

During the mediation period, SM Entertainment has gone against Wu Yifan’s intentions by using public announcements, statements, written documents, and many other methods to twist the facts, mislead, and interfere with the doings of industry friends, and also infringed Wu Yifan’s rights and interests. Despite being strained by SM’s way of handling matters and received much unsaid injustice while he was in SM, Wu Yifan still retains the gratitude he has for SM Entertainment. This is also the reason why Wu Yifan expressed willingness to reconcile in his lawsuit filed in Korea. In future, regarding related lawsuits and other harmful actions, Wu Yifan will continue using legal actions to protect his own legitimate rights and interests.

We would like to hereby express our apologies to friends and organizations who were affected because of the conflict between Wu Yifan and SM Entertainment.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo for updates on Wu Yifan (Kris), as well as Luhan, as they continue to proceed with mediation sessions with SM Entertainment.

Source: sina