Wu Yifan turns down lawsuit questions at “Somewhere Only We Know” press conference

Wu Yifan (Kris) recently made an appearance at the press conference for his Chinese film Somewhere Only We Knowstaying focus on his task by refusing to answer questions about his current lawsuit with Korean agency, SM Entertainment.

The press conference was held on February 6th in Sichuan China’s provincial city of Chengdu. According to reports released on the 8th, Wu Yifan was quoted saying, “Acting is a very big dream in my life. Even though I don’t have any acting experience, I was able to learn while on the field, so I feel like I really gained a lot of experience.”

However, when asked further questions by local reporters regarding his current lawsuit with SM Entertainment and their latest mediation meeting, Wu Yifan said, “My lawyer will answer that. I only want to answer questions related to the movie.”

Wu Yifan withdrew from EXO-M when he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in May 2014, looking to terminate his current contract with the agency. Since then, he has been following his own solo activities in China through various film related activities and OST tracks. In regards to the lawsuit, the latest court appointed meetings between the two parties’ lawyers continue to fall through as neither side could reach an agreement.

His latest project, Somewhere Only We Know, will be released in local theaters on February 10th.

Source: TV Report