X1’s “FLASH” Accused Of Plagiarizing Popular British DJ’s Track

A Korean producer shared his thoughts.

According to an exclusive tip received by Wikitree, there were accusations that X1‘s debut title track “FLASH” was plagiarized, copying British DJ Chris Lake‘s track “Helium”, which was remixed by world-famous DJ Tiësto.

The remix version of “Helium” was released on April 9, 2014, more than 4 years before “FLASH”. According to the report released by Wikitree, the keys the songs are the same, the virtual instrument sounds and rhythm are also similar. Same with the climax of the song.

Wikitree asked a well-known producer “A” in Korea for their insight about the possible plagiarism accusations. “A” has also worked with famous foreign artists in collaborations and wrote and produced many idol songs.

First of all, the two tracks resemble each other a lot. The introduction starts at the same key.

However, it is too ambiguous to conclude this is plagiarism. It is more likely that the producers of “FLASH” referred to “Helium” during production.

Many agencies use reference songs during their production of songs, saying they want songs to sound like a concept. Maybe the “FLASH” composers used “Helium” as a reference.

There is some ambiguity as to whether or not this is legal or not, because there may be a strong belief that it’s plagiarism, but there’s no concrete proof. It’s more up to the conscious of the producer at this point.

— Producer “A”

Listen to the two tracks below.

Source: Wikitree