X1’s Kim Wooseok Spotted Looking Happy And Healthy In Fan Photos

We missed you, Wooseok!

After almost a month with no updates on the X1 members’ whereabouts, fans were glad to see Kim Wooseok happy and healthy as he enjoyed a casual dinner.

On December 22nd, Kim Wooseok was spotted at a hotpot restaurant with his friends, according to fans who bumped into the idol. When word got out that the idol was at the restaurant, nearby fans came flooding in, and it turned into a mini fan-meet!

Numerous fans asked to take a photo with the idol. Though he could have easily turned them down since he was trying to enjoy his downtime with friends, he kindly took pictures with all of the fans. What a kind man!

Of course, is visuals shine despite the low-quality photos, proving once again that he’s one of the brightest visuals in K-Pop. Fans are happy to see the idol is happy and healthy despite the Mnet controversy. Netizens and fans alike aren’t sure when Kim Wooseok and the rest of X1 will have activities again, but they’re just glad the idol is healthy and relaxing with his loved ones.

It’s been a long time since I saw your face. I really missed you.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann