X1’s Kim Yohan Confirmed To Make Acting Debut Through His First K-Drama, “School 2020”

Kim Yohan is returning to TV!

Kim Yohan from X1 will be making his acting debut in the upcoming K-Drama series, School 2020. The series confirmed that Kim Yohan has been cast to play the main male role.

Kim Yohan is confirmed to play the main male lead role of Kim Tae Jin.

— School 2020

School 2020 is the upcoming latest installment of the “School” drama series that has been continuing since 1999. It plays out the societal pressures, issues, and trends that the high schoolers experience during that time period.

Kim Yohan’s character was a talented and renown Taekwondo athlete in the junior department, but had to give up his dream when his father’s business goes under and he sustains an ankle injury.

Although he may speak like a mature adult due to his childhood experiences, he is an average 18-year-old who doesn’t know what to do in front of his crush. Kim Yohan fits the character well as he is also a talented Taekwondo martial artist.

Kim Yohan follows the steps of top male actors who also featured on the School series, such as Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Seok, and more.

School 2020 is scheduled to begin filming in March and air sometime in August.

Source: Sports Chosun