Ranks of at Least Three “X1” Members Revealed to Have Been Manipulated on “Produce X 101”

The police seized and searched the agencies of the three “X1” members.

A recent episode of MBC’s News Desk revealed that the ranks of at least three X1 members were manipulated on Mnet’s Produce X 101.

According to the reports, the police seized and searched the agencies of those three members as well as the CJ ENM headquarters, the producers’ homes, and the companies affiliated with the text message voting.

It’s been reported that a full analysis of the text message voting data will take a significant amount of time, and the police are currently investigating whether there were monetary dealings that took place between the producers and agencies.

Ahead of this reveal, Produce X 101 caused suspicion as soon as competitive contestants with great popularity got disqualified to the viewers’ surprise.

Furthermore, the suspicion grew after it was revealed that the final digits of each contestant from 1st place to 20th place followed the same sequence.

In response, Mnet claimed that there were errors but no changes to ranks, but the fact-finding committee of 260 viewers of the show charged the producers for fraud and obstruction of business.

Source: Insight