Xiumin Reveals His Secret Method For Staying Slim

Xiumin’s struggle with yo-yo dieting is well-known, but the star has his weight loss down with this method!

EXO‘s Xiumin revealed the three secret ingredients to his successful weight loss: diligence, effort and positivity!


On an episode of Star Show 360 he revealed his tips for losing weight and keeping it off, with his own special “4-four” method.


He warned the easiest way to lose weight is to stop eating, but it’s not healthy. The best way is by doing exercise in the morning, and eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner with four-hour breaks in-between.

“First, I walk for an hour after I get up. Then, I eat breakfast at home. You can eat anything delicious, but don’t eat until you’re full. Eat the right portion of food, then don’t eat anything for the next four hours. For lunch, if you’re hungry, eat, but then don’t eat again for the next four hours. The important thing about dinner is that you shouldn’t eat anything for four hours before going to bed.” — Xiumin


He said it would take about a month to see results – you won’t gain any weight, and will instead lose it.

“The most important thing is diligence. You have to wake up earlier to work out. The second thing is patience. You shouldn’t pause in between, it’s hard to start up again.” — Xiumin


Xiumin has admitted in the past he starved himself to lose weight, but quickly gained it back on once he began eating again.

Xiumin before and after his weight loss.

He revealed in a broadcast that during “Growl” promotions he ate one meal every other day and just drank coffee to lose weight. When “Growl” was over, his chubby cheeks reappeared when he gained 10 kg back in two to three months. He said, “Yo-yo happens quickly. I do not recommend to skip eating to lose weight.”


Although the episode of Star Show 360 first aired in 2016, footage has resurfaced as netizens are discussing how difficult the diet is to maintain!

Xiumin is known to sleep while walking!

  • “It looks easy but it’s a diet that’s hard to stick to the first time. A lot of people are having success with it. Starting that way will prevent yo-yo dieting if you exercise.”
  • “I don’t usually pay attention to my portions.”
  • “People that have lost weight this way are awesome.”
  • “Do people that are dieting and start work at 7am and finish at 8pm just starve? Even if I take vitamins in the morning, eat breakfast and lunch and keep to the method, because of work I don’t have any strength.”


That’s why Xiumin says in order to succeed you need to keep a positive mind set, be diligent and have patience.

Source: The Qoo