Xooos’s Past Comments On Marriage Resurface Amid Park Seo Joon Rumors

The singer spoke about her thoughts on getting married.

Xooos‘s past comments on her thoughts on marriage are garnering attention.

xooos | @xooos_/Instagram

The singer made an appearance on Kian84‘s YouTube channel this past February.

Kian84 | The Korea Herald

In the episode, Kian84 asked xooos, “Is there anything I can advise you on?” To which xooos revealed that she would like some advice on how to communicate better with her fans.

My label wants me to communicate (with fans). They want me to upload more YouTube videos, but I am always home, so there isn’t anything to upload. What should I do?

— xooos

Xooos then asked Kian84 what kind of dilemmas he had to which the webtoon author replied, “I don’t have any family. If I got married, I would have a family, though.

Xooos responded to Kian84 by revealing that she also wanted to get married but had a few concerns.

I want to get married too. I also want to get married later, but there are so many couples who end up in divorce.

— xooos

When asked where she thought she would be once she was Kian84’s age, the singer replied, “I think I’ll be married with kids since I’ll be forty.”

Meanwhile, xooos is a popular singer and YouTuber. On June 20, it was reported that she and Park Seo Joon were allegedly dating. Park Seo Joon has since responded by neither confirming nor denying the rumors, giving credence to the allegations.

Park Seo Joon Personally Speaks Up About The Allegations He Is Dating YouTuber xooos

Watch xooos’s appearance on Kian84’s show in its entirety below.


Source: @geean84/YouTube