A YouTuber Met BTS’s Jungkook, And He Has Nothing But Nice Things To Say About Him

He shared a photo from their encounter on Instagram.

Is BTS‘s Jungkook as wonderful in real life as he is on camera? Trick question. Of course, he is!

A Korean YouTuber by the name of YAN was lucky enough to meet Jungkook, and he has nothing but nice things to say about him. On April 16, YAN shared this photo of their meeting on his Instagram account (@yan.youtube).

“I was wondering who it was under that hat,” he wrote in the caption. “BTS’s Jungkook. I feel like he’s one of the most modest world-class stars in the world…”

“My hands are sweating as I type this,” he went on, promising to reveal more about their encounter soon. “The full story will be on Young-al-nam (YAN) on Youtube.”