Yang Hongsuk from “MIX & MATCH” rumoured to have left YG Entertainment

While fans of those who did not make it into the line up of YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group iKON were granted a new hope with the fact that the two trainees were allowed to stay in YG Entertainment, it appears that Yang Hongsuk has decided to leave the agency.

Speculations have started to arise after a tweet that was uploaded, on March 1st, by Yang Hongsuk’s fan-site Bomhongsi announcing the trainee’s departure from YG Entertainment. The tweet read, “It’s true that Hongsuk left YG Entertainment. Please believe in and support Hongsuk’s decision. Wherever Hongsuk goes, Bomhongsi will walk on with him 🙂 In order to have 2015 be ‘Yang’ Hongsuk’s year, please continue to support him in the future. Thank you.

As “Yang” happens to be the Korean word for “goat,” fans have been wishing Yang Hongsuk the best of luck in all his future endeavours during this Year of the Goat.

This follows earlier reports of the other ex-MIX & MATCH participant Jung Jinhyeong’s alleged departure from the agency. As YG Entertainment does not release new groups or projects very regularly, many fans have taken this news rather positively, keeping faith in the fact that another company may increase the trainees’ chances of an earlier debut.