Yang Hyun Suk apologizes for the handling of YG Entertainment’s scandals

Yang Hyun Suk recently appeared on SBS Healing Camp and came forward to apologize for the manner in which YG Entertainment has been handling artist scandals recently.

Known for asking the difficult questions, it was no surprise that the hosts of Healing Camp brought up recent audience criticisms for the way that YG Entertainment has been responding to its artist’s scandals in recent months.

Host Yoo Hee Yeol brought up the topic when he asked Yang Hyun Suk, “Recently, YG artists have been the center of many controversies. As the CEO and image of their management company, do you think you were too indifferent in your responses to the public concerning these events?”

Yang Hyun Suk answered “First, I am embarrassed There were many incidents that did not need to happen and I should have managed them in more detail. I would just like to again apologize.”

YG Entertainment artists have recently been caught up in various scandals and controversies, most notably 2NE1 Park Bom‘s drug scandal earlier this year, BIG BANG Seungri‘s traffic accident, and even rumors of 2NE1 disbanding. The lack of proper response from the CEO has caused netizens to question the management of the agency’s artists.

Source: Digital Times Korea