Yang Hyun Suk claims YG has more money than JYP

Yang Hyun Suk‘s gift to the top 4 contestants of K-Pop Star was of a higher scale and told the contestants YG allegedly had more money than JYP.

On the most recent broadcast of K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance, the top 4 finalists were treated to a relaxing day off by YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk. The week before, JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jin Young prepared a small ceremony for top 6 finalists. Not wanting to be overdone, Yang Hyun Suk brought the top 4 to a yacht.

While walking over to the yacht, Yang Hyun Suk commented on the finances of both him and Park Jin Young, saying,

“YG has more money than JYP, so we’ll be going on a small yacht.”

Yang Hyun Suk

Yang Hyun Suk’s statement can be supported by 2016 financial report where YG Entertainment was shown to have made over 50% more in net profit compared to JYP Entertainment. Naver also recently announced that they would invest over $44 million USD into YG Entertainment.

Source: Newsen