Yang Hyun Suk Denies Taking Money From YG To Use For Gambling, Released After 14 Hours Of Investigation

He has denied another accusation made against him.

Yang Hyun Suk was questioned by police for the second time and made a few comments about the charges against him, including denying accusations that he took money from YG Entertainment to use for gambling.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s intelligence crime investigation unit summoned Yang Hyun Suk at 10 am KST on October 1. He was released from questioning at 12:10 am KST, on October 2, meaning he was questioned for 14 hours and 10 minutes.

As he finished his second round of investigations, he briefly spoke to reporters about the investigation.

I have sincerely participated in the police investigations. I have honest about the facts.

It is more appropriate for the police to make the announcement regarding the charges against me, following a police investigation, instead of me making it through a personal statement.

It is not true that I used money from the company for gambling.

— Yang Hyun Suk

Yang Hyun Suk is currently under investigation for habitual gambling and illegal foreign exchange transaction charges. He has denied both charges in his first round of questioning, but did admit to a lesser charge of gambling.

Source: Newsen