Yang Hyun Suk Gets Shady on Instagram About Mnet’s Ruling On Mino’s Fiancé MV

Some say he was being “savage”, some say he was being “petty”.

Fans are calling Yang Hyun Suk a “savage” after his recent post regarding Mnet’s ruling on Mino’s “Fiancé” music video.


The YG Entertainment boss posted a screenshot of a conversation with who is presumed to be a staff member.

The conversation revealed that Mnet would not play Mino’s Fiancé music video because a scene where Mino dances with a female was deemed too suggestive and they would only broadcast it if edits were made.

“Staff: Sir, Mnet has requested for an edit, as a Mino’s Fiancé music scene where “[Mino] dances with a woman scene” is too suggestive. I’ve been told that if the mentioned scene is changed, then it will be possible to play the music video.”

Yang Hyun Suk: *The message you sent has been cancelled.*

Yang Hyun Suk: “So the only one with a problem with playing it is Mnet, right?”

Staff: “Yes, sir!”

YG: “Tell them respectfully, they don’t have to play it…be courteous when you deliver the news.”

Staff: “Yes, sir!”



With the post, Yang Hyun Suk used the caption “I wonder why there’s a problem with the Fiancé music video~ Now I know why~”.


Some netizens are calling Yang Hyun Suk petty for this particular post, while also casting doubt the identity of Yang Hyun Suk’s deleted message.

“Do you see how he cancelled a sent message and uploaded this? Hahahahahahaha Seems like it’s 100% a pure swear hahahahaha”

“If an agency’s head publicly shoots [Mnet] like this, they just the artists suffer. Acting like this is thoughtless and pathetic.”

“Does he really think that sending something like this makes him seem cool? It must be true that ‘grade 8 sickness’ is an incurable disease, tsk tsk.”



Meanwhile, many fans are on the actual post hyping up Yang Hyun Suk for defending Mino.

“Thank you for standing up for Mino, sajangnaim!” 

“As expected of President Yang!! I cannot wait for Mino’s next music video!!”

“MNET is the biggest YG anti, we been knew LOL MNET!!! Papa is the best!”


Check out Mino’s “Fiancé ” music video and see if you can spot the scene in questions!