Yang Hyun Suk Reveals He Was Hospitalized Over The Last Month For Severe Herniated Disk

He revealed he’s back to working for BLACKPINK’s comeback, among other YG artists.

Yang Hyun Suk updated his Instagram with photos of himself at the hospital, where he revealed that he was hospitalized over the past month because of a severe cervical herniated nucleus pulpususdisc.

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His injury causes great pain in the neck, back, shoulder, and/or arm regions.


He uploaded a photo proof of his hospitalization, as well as the x-ray scan of his injury.

“#NeckDisk #Burst #SeverePain #HospitalizedForAMonth #YG #Been_In_Hospital #Over_Last_Month #Due_To_Severe_Cervical_Herniated_Nucleus_Pulpususdisc” — Yang Hyun Suk


However, he claims that he’s gotten better and has returned to work. He’s currently focusing on new albums from various YG artists, such as BLACKPINK, SeungriSECHSKIES, and Lee Hi.

“YGMaknaeLineFocus_BLACKPINK_Seungri_SECHSKIES_LeeHi #Back_To_Work_Now” — Yang Hyun Suk


Now that he’s been treated for his injury, he’ll be taking on his first priority – BLACKPINK’s June comeback!