Yang Hyun Suk comments on comparing B.I with G-Dragon

In a latest interview, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk avoids comparing artists G-Dragon and B.I. 

On May 8th, Yang Hyun Suk met with a group of reporters to discuss the comeback plans for BIGBANG and WINNER, along with iKON’s much-awaited debut. During the interview, he was asked to compare BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and latest recruit B.I from iKON, both of which are known for their writing and production skills.

To this, he tactfully stated that, “It’s too early to compare G-Dragon and B.I, but you never know. I’ve seen a lot of trainees and  still am but I can’t guarantee what any of them will grow into.” He further added that, “I never knew G-Dragon would grow into what he is. B.I is still growing so there is no telling how he will bear fruit. All I can do is water him and fertilize him well and hope he bears a lot of fruit. B.I and G-Dragon is similar in many ways in their debut timing and the fact that they are leaders, so he comes off as a little more special to me.”

Currently, YG Entertainment plans to push through with iKON’s debut this summer.

Source: Newsen