YG To Take Legal Action Against Rumors About Yang Hyun Suk and BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Rumors of an affair ran rampant online.

YG Entertainment launched legal actions towards those responsible on spreading rumors about CEO Yang Hyun Suk and BLACKPINK member Jennie.

“We have filed a complaint against the people responsible on spreading false information online with defamation.

There is no choice. It is a policy to respond to the complaint by accusing those responsible on spreading false facts and malicious rumours.”

— YG Entertainment


The agency was informed of a rampant rumor on messaging apps involving Yang Hyun Suk and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. It has spread to the online community since then.


Although the actual piece of malicious rumor was not addressed, netizens suspect it to refer to the rumor accusing Yang Hyun Suk of having an affair with Jennie. 


YG Entertainment asserted a strong stance against the malicious rumors and continues to take strict legal action against those who circulate unfounded information.

Source: MK