Yang Hyun Suk Sent Reporter Kang Kyung Yoon An Apology About Seungri’s Case

“I did it because I had to trust my little boy, Seungri…”

SBS funE reporter, Kang Kyung Yoon, revealed that she received a text message from Yang Hyun Suk, apologizing for what happened in the past. Kang Kyung Yoon is the reporter who first reported suspicions about Seungri’s scandal.

Reporter Kang talked about the incident on June 28th through the SBS podcast, Cinetown Nineteen.

Former Representative Yang’s mental condition is not very good. After the reports, I received a message from him once through another reporter.

ㅡ Kang Kyung Yoon


She revealed that Yang Hyun Suk apologized for sending out a press release threatening not to spread false information regarding Seungri’s prostitution solicitation and explained that it was not his intention.

During the reports about Seungri’s prostitution solicitation suspicions when I revealed the KakaoTalk chat logs, former Representative Yang sent out a press release warning not to spread false information. (Eventually) he sent a message saying he was sorry then. He said, ‘I did it because I had to trust my little boy, it was not my intention.’

ㅡ Kang Kyung Yoon


In February, Reporter Kang exposed the KakaoTalk chat conversations that occurred between Seungri and his acquaintances in 2015, which led to the accusations that Seungri solicited prostitution for his foreign investors.

At the time, YG Entertainment immediately released an official statement threatening to take legal action if the accusations turned out to be false.

We hope that the truth of the indiscriminate rumors will be revealed as soon as possible through thorough police investigations. While there must be appropriate legal punishment if there are any issues, we will be preparing to take legal action if the rumors are proved to be false.

ㅡ YG Entertainment


Seungri was eventually booked as a suspect, however, after numerous women who were involved gave their confessions. Seungri subsequently withdrew from BIGBANG and announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. His contract with YG Entertainment was also terminated. He is currently being charged with prostitution solicitation, embezzlement and more.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk has also stepped down from all of his positions at YG Entertainment after being accused of soliciting prostitution for his foreign investors as well. He reported to the police for investigations on June 26th, which lasted for 9 hours.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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