Yang Hyun Suk Responds To Malicious Comments, Threatens With Lawsuit

He responded to some of the most common malicious comments that attack his nature.

Yang Hyun Suk recently uploaded his Instagram with screenshots of some of the most common malicious comments that he receive about his personality.


In the first image, he revealed that he is mostly attacked for how he’s “changed” since he was active as a member of Seotaiji And Boys.

“Why don’t you live quietly like Seotaiji did.

Were you the 1st Boy from Seotaiji And Boys or were you the 2nd? I’m suddenly curious.”

— Malicious Commenters


He responded to those comments, claiming that he is still grateful for his time with Seotaiji and will live a “more humble and righteous life.

“‘You were just a dancer.. You were just one of the Boys.. Who do you think helped you get to where you are now?’

These are the most common replies that I’ve seen over the past 23 years.

I believe it was back before you were even born, but those days with Seotaiji And Boys were a great honor. Seotaiji And Boy from 1992-1996 were a pretty great group.

I’ll live a more humble and righteous life. Thank you.”

— Yang Hyun Suk 


He then uploaded a screenshot of a recent news article of a woman in her 20’s that spread false rumors and was prosecuted. It was a silent message to malicious commenters that YG will fight against malicious rumors and comments with the law.

“YG ‘Female In Her 20’s Who First Spread False Rumors, Prosecuted… Police Investigating Further’ (Official Statement)” — News Report Title


Yang Hyun Suk captioned his post, “I’ll live a more humble and righteous life“, to emphasize his stance on the matter.