Yang Hyun Suk Under Fire For Past Comments About Minzy and 2NE1

They are furious at the his actions and consequences.

An interview with Billboard recently discussed Minzy’s struggles with depression and mental health. She openly talked about her feelings and struggles as an idol after making her debut with 2NE1. 


She mentioned a comment by her former boss, Yang Hyun Suk, that once struck the group’s confidence. Apparently, he referred to them as “ugly” on various instances, which multiplied the hurt from the ruthless comments they were already getting online.

“People, netizens were critiquing the fact that, you know, we were not the prettiest group. We were the ‘ugly group.’ I didn’t know how to process that, I held that in. It was tough. [As a group], we pretended it was not a big deal and tried to forget about it, but you can’t forget about it — it’s tough. I was trying to keep up with the other girls in the group in terms of maturity, but when you’re up against these girl groups who look like models and you’re doing something different — cool, but different — you deal in a different way.”

— Minzy


She also commented about the way YG Entertainment managed her solo career, which ultimately became one of the reasons for her decision to leave.

“There wasn’t enough focus to finish my stuff.

They kept delaying it and then when it comes to basically everything else, you don’t know the details.”

— Minzy


Fans who have read the interview began to criticize Yang Hyun Suk for belittling 2NE1’s talent as “ugly”. They shared their dismay over the agency’s treatment towards the members and praised Minzy for the strength on sharing her struggles.

Source: Billboard and KMIB