Yang Hyun Suk Reported To Have Illegally Gambled At Casinos In Macau For Over 15 Years

He’s been gambling for 15+ years.

A day after it was revealed that Yang Hyun Suk would be investigated for illegally gambling in Las Vegas, JTBC has revealed that Yang Hyun Suk has been illegally gambling since early in 2000 at the MGM Hotel in Macau.

Police say they have discovered that Yang Hyun Suk has been using the VIP rooms in MGM Macau and a different casino since the early 2000’s. He used the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as his home base for gambling.

It was reported by JTBC that every time he gambled, he used between 5 to 10 chips worth around ₩1,500,000 ($1,238 USD), which means he gambled between ₩7,500,000 to ₩15,000,000 at a time ($6,193-12,387 USD).

An informant who gambled at the other casino shared how easy it was for Yang Hyun Suk to get loans for gambling, using a technique that Koreans call “HwanChiGi”.

Yang Hyun Suk didn’t need cash, he could borrow as much as he wanted on credit from the casino.

When he returned to Korea, he repaid the money in cash.

— Informant

Police believe the amount of money he gambled in Macau will be larger than the amount he gambled in Las Vegas, as it is easier to get hold of money. They also believe it will be helpful in proving his habitual gambling accusations. Police have requested the gambling records from the Hong Kong Casino administration, similar to their request from Las Vegas.

Source: JTBC