Yang Hyun Suk reveals “If You” is the saddest song BIGBANG has ever written

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that “If You” is the saddest song BIGBANG has ever written and spoke about their upcoming release for [D] in the MADE series.

The YG Entertainment CEO spoke about BIGBANG’s new song saying, “When I listened to the song, there was a moment where my heart skipped a beat. It is the saddest song BIGBANG has released since their debut nine years ago. If I, who is in my 40s, becomes this emotional from the song, I believe those in their teens and twenties will definitely shed tears together. I think this is the first time I’m more excited about a release than BIGBANG.

He went on to reveal that “If You” is also his favorite song out of album (specifically the tracks that have already been release) which has stirred excitement among VIPs.

In addition, he also stated that the second track that will be released, “Sober,” will be a summer song to contrast the sad “If You” track.

If You” and their second [D] track “Sober” will be released on July 1st and will be the third release following [M]’s “Loser” and “Bae Bae,” and [A]‘s “Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like to Party.”

Source: Osen

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