Yang Hyun Suk says 2015 will be the most important year for YG Entertainment

“To YG Entertainment, the year of 2015 will be the most important year,” revealed the agency’s chief executive Yang Hyun Suk.

YG Entertainment recently announced that its boy bands BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON are coming back in the first half of this year. BIGBANG has been tentatively set to come back in April, and WINNER and iKON will release their new albums in order the following months.

According to Yang Hyun Suk’s message conveyed to TV Report recently, YG’s producing teams and all members of BIGBANG WINNER, and iKON are stationed in recording studios to work on finishing touches of their albums. They are not planning to stop until the albums are ready in order to keep the workflow.

Why is it that YG has decided BIGBANG to be the front runner of its 2015 come back lineup? Yang Hyun Suk first apologized to the VIPs, saying, “BIGBANG has not released any new albums for last three years. The fans of BIGBANG awaited for the longest period of time. I would really like to apologize for this.”

Yang Hyun Suk further hinted about the new album, saying, “BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon is participating in every part of this new album. I’ve listened to its new songs and I have to admit that I was so thrilled. The album will contain various tracks that show BIGBANG’s talents and attractions.”

“This year is going to be the most important one for YG. Maybe it would be more important that the year of 2006, when BIGBANG first debuted. WINNER’s 2nd album and iKON’s very first album are also on standby. If BIGBANG starts this year well, the younger artists will be able to follow up. BIGBANG is in charge of this crucial role for YG.”

Source: TV Report