Yang Hyun Suk says, “CL’s advanced success will impact 2NE1’s comeback”

Although 2NE1‘s contract remains valid until next year, many are speculating whether or not YG Entertainment and the group will continue to produce music in the future. The group’s leader CL is set to debut in the United States and her advanced success will greatly impact 2NE1’s comeback, reveals the YG founder.

As many have awaited for 2NE1’s comeback, CEO Yang Hyuk Suk stated, “CL’s album work is almost completed to be released in the States. It has consistently been prepared since last year. Promotion in America is a different story to that in Korea. Honestly, we don’t know whether or not this will be successful until we actually try. But in my perspective, CL’s solo promotion is what I prioritize the most at this stage.”

“2NE1’s contract with YG Entertainment is valid until next year. They will most definitely release an album before that. As soon as CL’s solo promotion in America ends, 2NE1 will release a new album. CL’s advanced success in America will impact 2NE1’s comeback direction. If CL’s goes big in America, there is a higher possibility that 2NE1 will stand in American stage as well.”

Currently, CL is preparing for her solo promotion in America set for this coming summer. The diva’s highly anticipated solo activities have been planned along with Scooter Braun, who has helped PSY to step into the American entertainment industry as well.

Source: TV Report