Yang Hyun Suk Reveals Photos Of His Son With G-Dragon

And they were both extremely handsome.

YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk has revealed photos of his son Yang Seung Hyun with his apparently favorite singer, G-Dragon.

On February 25, he posted the photos on his Instagram, captioning it, “MY FRIEND. MY SON WITH HIS ONE & ONLY FAVORITE SINGER GD.”


The photos showed Yang Hyun Suk’s son and G-Dragon together, looking like they were best of friends.


After seeing photos of the little boy, fans couldn’t hold back compliments about how cute he was.

  • “Your son is so cute.”
  • “So cute aw.”
  • “Cute yet so handsome baby.”
  • “Cutie.”
  • “The baby is so cute and handsome.”


They were also very excited to see G-Dragon again and expressed how much they missed him.

  • “I miss G-Dragon so much. I hope he comes back healthy and soon.”
  • “Miss you so much Kwon leader.”
  • “Miss him.”
  • “Jiyong it’s so nice to see you.”
  • “Miss my superstar.”
  • “Our favorite singer too.”
Source: Instagram