Yang Hyun Suk speaks on BIGBANG’s military enlistment

In a recent press conference interview, Yang Hyun Suk spoke on the upcoming military enlistment that each BIGBANG member will ultimately complete.

Undoubtedly, military enlistment for male celebrities are one of fans worse nightmares as they must ensue a wait of at least two years until they see their favorite bias again. This is one of the topics that Yang Hyun Suk spoke on at a latest meet with reporters at BIGBANG’s Seoul MADE concert on April 26th.

He said, “This concert is not BIGBANG’s last one. A lot of people are getting worried about BIGBANG’s enlistment, [like] T.O.P, he is currently attending university so there are no plans to enlist until next year.”

“They will release another album this year. Of course, going to the army is something you have to do, whether one or two members go to the army, they are still BIGBANG. They will still protect the name BIGBANG through various solo and unit activities. 

When noted on BIGBANG’s final return after three years, he made a joke saying, “What’s there to worry about going to the army for two years? The biggest impact BIGBANG has in terms of competitiveness is their solo activities. There’s no need for them all to join at the same time. We will be planning individual activities.”

Source: My Daily