Yang Hyun Suk talks WINNER vs iKON in interview

In a recent interview with TV Report, YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk insists that his company’s latest male group WINNER and upcoming group iKON will not be competing with each other.WINNER was formed from the winners of the YG survival show “WIN: Who Is Next?”, while iKON will be formed by B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan of Team B along with additional members from YG’s latest survival show, “MIX & MATCH”.

In an interview on October 12th with TV Report, Yang Hyun Suk who is producing both groups, has insisted that they are totally different groups with different goals. Yang Hyun Suk expressed his thoughts, “WINNER and iKON are totally different groups. WINNER is not limited to one genre while iKON will be heavily focusing on hip-hop. Because of this, it may feel like iKON’s color is clearer and stronger than WINNER’s.”

“WINNER and iKon have different personalities so I’m not worried. First off, the two groups will be pursuing different goals so much so that even if they promote at the same time, their characters will not overlap one another. WINNER will be performing in different genres and iKON will be painting vibrant pictures within the basis of hip-hop.”

Yang Hyun Suk also noted that WINNER who recently completed their Japan tour is only showing the surface of what they will accomplish. “I didn’t make WINNER to only achieve a limited goal. WINNER is just starting. WINNER is not merely targeting the domestic market. They are not a group to be within a limit either. What they have shown so far is less than one tenth of what they have to show. They have only released one album. WINNER has much more to do.”

He seemed particularly fond of upcoming group iKON smiling as he stated, “Currently they are in a survival audition program. I know that there are high expectations for the team, tracing back to the days when they were WIN Team B. I think they are doing well centering around former WIN Team B members. In fact, I, myself, do not know how far iKON can go. I expect that they will show everything they have through the groundwork of hip-hop.”

9 contestants at press conference for MIX & MATCH
Photo: MIX & MATCH contestants; YG Entertainment
Stills released after their August debut
Photo: WINNER; YG Entertainment

Source: YG-Life

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